Career of a medication Aide in health care

Certified Nursing AssistantBeing a medication aide is a big step in your career in health care.  Every medication aide must already have their license to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant or at least their certificate as a Personal Care Assistant or Home Health Aide.  You will work predominantly in an Assisted Living Facility or Hospital under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse or LPN.

As well as being one of the most sought after secondary qualified nursing assistants you can look for employment in:

  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Specialty Treatment Centers
  • General Medical and Surgical Units in Hospitals
  • Home Health Care Agencies

During medication aide classes VA you will learn about legal and ethical practices for the medication aide, medication administration as well as extensive documentation.  You will now have a whole new set of responsibilities as well.  You will be the one in charge of giving your client, resident, or patient their medication and assisting them in taking their medication or giving them their treatment necessary.

Medication Aides are now in higher demand is they have direct care experience as well as experience in dispensing and assisting with medication.  The average pay from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows the average pay for a medication aide is $16.99 with an average annual salary at $35,330.  You have now increased your quality of job and pay just by taking a course as quick as 2 weeks.

Consider the following, you are making a difference in not only the lives of you patients, but also their friends and families.  You have the ability to make a significant impact in their life, as you engage and interact most of your time with the patient.  Not only that, you are making people’s lives more comfortable.  There is never a dull day as it will never be a mundane experience.

As you continue your career in healthcare as a medication aide you have now put yourself one step close to becoming a registered nurse if you so choose.  With this training you have now gone through most necessary pre-requisite courses for any nursing program.  This gives you the opportunity to further open the doors for your career and become more of an asset in the healthcare field.

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Choose First Nursing Academy For Top Class CPR, AED And First Aid Training

First Aid CPR training courses & certification ClassesFirst Nursing Academy is a training centre which brings to you the most top level Safety Training classes and demonstrations. We are a female owned training centre which has been working with the aim of educating individuals regarding saving lives using safety training. Our services are not only of high level quality but also very convenient to book and certified. The certifications that we offer are nationally accredited and accepted by government agencies, health agencies, state agencies, local agencies and even at the federal level.

Top Class Training at your disposal

Our trainers form the backbone of our training programs. This is why we take care while recruiting them and ensure that each one of them is certified by the National Safety Council. Moreover, the Director of Training at First nursing academy himself has NREMT certification and a great deal of rich experience. Our trainers are trained and experienced enough to provide their own extensive knowledge, real life instructions and friendly lessons. So if you are someone who wants to gain some training, then why don’t you start now?

Our training programs

We offer a wide range of training programs to a large number of professionals including Police officers, nurses, day care workers, pilots, baby sitters, teachers, day care workers and even doctors. Some of the training sessions or certifications that we offer are include CPR and AED certification, CNA Courses, PCA Classes, and HHA training programs.

Each of these programs is designed to provide you a safe and comfortable learning environment that encourages students to retain the maximum of what is being taught. Each student of our class or training program gets undivided attention and each doubt or query is answered patiently. The specialty of our programs is that the level of training or the teaching style of the instructor is matched to the learning abilities of the students well.

So if you are someone who is looking for an in home CPR class or AED Training/certification, then choose First nursing academy and become a responsible, trained and very useful individual for the society and those who may suffer from accidents or other emergency health situations. First Aid training or emergency training is something which we specialise in and is also something which every individual must be equipped with. So whenever an emergency occurs around you, the next time you won’t be standing on the side lines as a spectator but would be able to utilise your CPR training to help the ones in need. We offer highly affordable services because we believe that training of this nature is a right of everyone, even those who cannot spend much.

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